SHOUT! is a REAL BAND, with regular band members that will perform at your event. We will ROCK your dance floor with non-stop high-energy fun… Your dance floor will be PACKED all night long. And we’re here to assist you with every step of planning your special day. SHOUT! is available from 6 to 8 talented performers. Our standard configuration of 6 performers provides great sound and energy.

·       Two Featured Lead Vocalists: Male Lead Singer and Female Lead Singer

·       Guitar (w/Male Lead Vocals),

·       Bass (w/Male Lead Vocals)

·       Keyboards

·       Drums

·       Option to add Sax for 7 pieces

·       Option to add Trumpet for 8 pieces

Additionally we can add a Percussionist and/or DJ at your request.

We include music for Cocktails, with options to add additional band members and/or supplemental musicians for Ceremony and Cocktail Music (or we offer other ensembles including options such as Strings, Harp, Guitar, etc). Band members that often perform for Ceremony/Cocktails include Keyboardist with either Guitar or by adding Flute/Sax.

Continuous Music

Included in our package is continuous music. This means live music all night – dance music at all times except when one or two musicians perform while courses are on the table. SHOUT! includes a state of the art PA System and full time Sound Technician, so you know that the volume, balance, and tone of the sound will always deliver a first class experience.

Option of Band/DJ combo

SHOUT! performs music of all eras, including the songs on the radio right now. However some couples prefer the effect of a Band/DJ Combo. We will divide the time any way that works for you (50/50, 60/40, 70/30, etc!) Bandstand Uplighting is also included. We offer options of room uplighting, Intelligent Lighting, Photo Booth, and other enhancements, all at reduced rates when booking the band.


All of our lead singers have wireless mics and can get out there on the dance floor to interact if you like (or we stay on the bandstand if you don’t!).


Both our office staff and your bandleader will review all the details with you every step of the way! We will work with you to personalize the mix of music, special songs, and details of your celebration. We’re happy to learn your special songs, such as First Dance, Parent’s Dances, Cake Cutting Song, etc). We include a planning session approximately 2 months before the wedding, as well as touching base all the way up to the week of the wedding. To make this easy for you, we’re here for you every single day.


We will do all the announcements, coordinate with your Banquet Manager, and take care of everything else so the day of the wedding you can simply show up and have a great time!

SHOUT! offers a private monthly LIVE SHOWCASE, so you can see it’s a real band, enjoy the positive energy, talent, and “vibe” of the band members, and even ask for requests!


interested in learning more?

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