Considering CityScape + The Park Avenue Horns

Considering CityScape + The Park Avenue Horns

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So you’re considering CityScape + The Park Avenue Horns. We’re honored! Please hit play to view a message from our Band Leader, Mike Saulpaugh.

CityScape & The Park Avenue Horns FAQ

What is CityScape & The Park Avenue Horns made up of?

CityScape is an 8-piece band with a rhythm section that includes drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, 2 lead singers (male and female), and a saxophone and trumpet.

What music can CityScape play?

CityScape plays all genres and eras. From jazz, Motown, and classic rock to pop, dance, country and Top 40, they play those and everything in between.

What else does CityScape include?

CityScape travels with a full-time sound engineer to supervise and perfect the sound levels so that the tone, quality and volume are always perfect. The band also includes wireless uplighting to light the performance and stage area.

Can members of CityScape play our ceremony and/or cocktail?

Absolutely! Members of CityScape are formally trained in classical, jazz, and pop music on multiple instruments like flute, clarinet, acoustic guitar, and the cajon (box drum). By adding members of the band to play your ceremony and/or cocktail hour, we can give you a customizable package that will lead to big discounts.

Does CityScape and the Park Avenue Horns come with an event host?

Yes. CityScape’s bandleader, Mike, is one of our full-time event hosts who works closely with your banquet manager to make sure your timeline is fluid. Mike has 15 years of event experience.

What are the benefits of having CityScape as opposed to another band or DJ?

CityScape specializes in arranging specific dj-style mashups for plenty of artists, genres, and eras. Cardi B mixed with Disco? Absolutely. Top 40 melodies over classic rock songs? They have that covered too. By adding the Park Avenue Horns, another dimension that enhances the entire body of their sound is also a possibility. Their keyboardist uses a computer program that allows fully customizable sounds to be used that sound exactly like the track. And we mean EXACTLY. So, why have a DJ when you can have a band bring that energy and performance AND sound like the tracks? The answer is easy.

We aren’t sure if we want CityScape or a DJ. What should we do?

Why not have both? The Band/DJ combo is an EMG specialty. CityScape and our DJs create special arrangements to flow into each other sets so the music literally never stops. That fluidity keeps the dance floor pumping!

Can CityScape play to an older crowd despite being younger?

We get this question a lot, understandably. Every member of the band has an in-depth familiarity with all genres of music because they grew up listening to and playing everything. They thoroughly enjoy playing all music, both older and newer.

Can CityScape learn special requests?

Yes. While having an enormous catalog already, CityScape will learn your specialty dances (bridal party/couple introduction song, first dance, and parent dances, etc.).

Will CityScape & The Park Avenue Horns interact with our guests?

Yes! In fact, their singers, guitarist, bassist and The Park Avenue Horns are completely wireless, which allows them to not just play your playlist, but perform it. They absolutely love getting involved and creating an absolutely amazing and interactive experience for all.

Who do I speak with during our preparation process?

You will speak with, Mike, their bandleader who will walk you through every single step and detail to make sure your wedding day is the best it can be. Mike will work with you on entertainment in the months leading up to the big day in addition to acting as a knowledgeable wedding-professional resource that you have at your disposal. About 3 months before the wedding, you will receive a digital file of music-selection paperwork to help organize your day and then meet with him to review.