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Tips When Making Your Wedding Playlist

What type of music should we have at our wedding? How do I go about making a wedding playlist? We know questions like these can be very overwhelming. To simplify the process for you, we compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when making your wedding playlist.

1. Start By Separating The Day Into Sections

Keep in mind that your wedding day is split up into sections: ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, afterparty. In addition, the reception is further divided into introductions, opening dances, speeches, dinner, dance sets, etc. Different songs and genres fit better at specific points in the night. Start by outlining the day and thinking about what types of music you want to hear playing during these particular moments.

2. Think About Artists and Genres You Love

Start making a list of artists and genres you love and want to incorporate at some point at your wedding. When making this list, don’t forget to consider your guests! Although it is your wedding, you are also hosting a party, which is something to keep in mind when selecting music. If you love a genre that you know your guests won’t like, there is still a way to incorporate it in a way that pleases everyone. Learn more about how to include unconventional music at your wedding.

3. Think About Artists and Genres You Hate

Rule out the genres, artists, or songs you do not want to hear. Having a list of ten to fifteen ‘do not play’ songs will also help your entertainment vendor get a feel for what kind of music you do like.

4. Take Advantage Of Google

Simply typing into Google, “Top 100 wedding songs 2020” might help spark some ideas. Websites like WeddingWire have useful data, but it is national and sometimes too broad. If you are planning an NJ/NY wedding, throw that into the search query. Something like “NJ Wedding Playlist” might be more relevant. Google is a great resource when getting started.

5. Lean On Your Entertainment Company For Help

Hopefully, you have hired an entertainment company you love and trust, so use them! They are professionals and will steer you in the right direction when you are stuck or have specific questions. At EMG, we have a planning app that our couples can download that includes many curated playlists organized by wedding sections (reception, ceremony, etc.), genres., and even staff picks.

Are you interested in planning a wedding with EMG? Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about how we can service you.


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