Musician Protocol for Outdoor Performance

Follow these guidelines for outdoor performances.

Musician Protocol for Outdoor Performance

Follow these guidelines for outdoor performances.

Elegant Music Group’s (EMG’s) core mission is to deliver client satisfaction through our services. However, we do not do this at the expense of our performers or their instruments. Please understand EMG has taken many planning steps leading up to an event, so both our clients and performers are set up for success as it relates to outdoor performances. In the event of inclement or extreme weather, it is important we keep our performers, their instruments, and equipment safe from damage, while trying our best to deliver on reasonable client expectations. Should you find yourself in a predicament, we ask that you please be reasonable, remain professional, and follow these protocols. 

Situation: There is intense direct sunlight, inclement weather*, or temperatures below 50℉. Please follow these steps:

(*inclement weather is defined as active precipitation, not the belief that precipitation is eminent.)

When there is an Event Host present:

  1. Consult with your Event Host to procure covering.
  2. If no covering, then seek out alternatives for performing – (i.g. inside of a building with a speaker facing outside, under another tent, etc.)
  3. If all options are exhausted, and the venue, event planner, or client is adamant about performance remaining outside, please consult with your Event Host/Lead to deescalate the situation, and immediately notify the office of the situation by calling the contacts below. Please go in order, until someone is reached. Await a directive.

When there is NOT an Event Host present:

  1. Follow the above steps with the manager of the venue (either the Matire’d or Event Coordinator).
  2. If all of the steps were exhausted, and no solution was found, please use the list of contacts below to notify the office of the situation.
  3. If you cannot make contact with anyone on the list AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES PERSIST AS DESCRIBED IN THE SITUATION ABOVE,
    1. Find the Matire’d or Event Coordinator and clearly dictate the company policy. Please convey your willingness to alternative solutions such as playing indoors or near where guests will be, finding other coverage, etc. Most likely, the Matire’d or Event Coordinator will be upset, but please keep a calm and professional demeanor.
    2. IMMEDIATELY, please email Tom Gambuzza at of the situation. In this email, please attach a video of the weather, outdoor performance space, and a narrated story of the situation from your cell phone.
    3. Remain on premises until your contracted time has ended. If you are also staying for a cocktail hour with coverage, please be ready to play by that time. *Note, you will still be paid for your time for every service. Under no circumstances are you to leave early.

Note: It is important to keep a calm and professional demeanor with any venue staff member, event coordinator, and Event Lead from EMG. EMG’s expectation is for the musician to communicate our policies clearly and respectfully as soon as possible while remaining flexible and reasonable. 

Contact List (In Order or Contact)

  • Michael Saulpaugh, Managing Partner: (845) 399-2566
  • Tom Gambuzza, Managing Partner: (201) 281-5214
  • Bryan Festa, General Manager: (973) 903-7351
  • Michael Carleo, Managing Partner: (201) 835-7171