The Reset Button


Dudes. Ladies. Whoever takes the time to read these posts…thank you. For the last few months, I can’t tell you how honored I’ve been to hear how many of you asked about or mentioned Tom’s Threads to me. Some were just a friendly compliment; others were wondering when the next post was going to be. Regardless of what it was, I wish I could explain to you how great you all have made me feel. To know how many of you take the time out of your busy lives to give this section even a remote ounce of attention means the world to me and I’m super grateful for that.


I won’t make this too sappy, but first and foremost, I’d like to apologize. I’d like to apologize for missing the mark. For not staying on the timeline I originally promised. For not posting in….jeez how long has it been? 2017 has been an interesting year to say the least, but no one has gotten anywhere making excuses so I’m not considering this one. I will say, however, that a lot of what has happened in my life this past year has definitely inspired this post. You know when things just seem to have…a domino-like effect? One thing after the other…some good, some bad, and you just feel like you don’t have a grasp on the world? To me, life has a funny way of making you wonder what you can control, if anything at all at times, but no matter what your story is, or your current situation, or how you see your life going right now…what I’ve learned is that…it’s all okay. And sometimes you just need to hit the reset button.


Speaking of, I’ve decided to undertake a new project starting November 1st. If you all remember from the first post of Tom’s Threads, I suggested following a guy that gives me a ton of daily motivation – Steve Weatherford (@weatherford5 – Btw, if you still haven’t followed him, do that now!). About a month or so ago, Steve tracked a 30 day detox / metabolic reset regimen that helped him lose 25lbs, reduce his waist size 3.5 inches, and increase his metabolic rate just to name a few. What Steve has done since his 30-day journey is create a platform for others to do the same, customized to their specifications (gender, activity level, build, etc.). I came across this plan via Instagram (again, go follow him!) as he was putting this out to early enrollees. I decided to go for it and wound up being able to reserve a spot and I’m super pumped to be taking the challenge. I’ve never done anything like this and I think it’s the perfect time to do so. So I plan to use the next couple of posts to track my progress and provide updates. Here’s what the plan is going to entail:


  • 7 day detox cycle: detoxifying digestive tract, improving gut health, re-regulate hormone levels
  • Insulin Manipulation nutrition plan (getting rid of stubborn body fat)
  • Suggested Supplementation regimen
  • Ketogenic Interval Training Workouts / Adaptive Weight Training & HIIT workouts / at home workouts


Now I know some this seems pretty intense to just jump into. What Steve has done is put together a platform so that this can work for beginners or the experienced. Each facet of the metabolic reset program will come with an introductory video not only explaining what to expect, but teaching you as to why it’s important.


See Steve’s 30-day transformation here:









Look, this obviously won’t be for everyone, but my point is this. If you’re feeling like you need to hit the reset button, dig deep, do some self reflection, and find out what that button means for you. I just happen to find solace in fitness. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn golf, or start a blog, or anything else for that matter. Do it. Take the leap. Hit your button and fly.


Here’s to looking your best…until next post. Ciao!

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