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Adam Hall & Elegant Music Group Announce Partnership

December 5, 2018

The Adam Hall Group, a global manufacturer and distributor in the event technology industry, announced on Wednesday that they were partnering with the New Jersey based entertainment company Elegant Music Group. The move comes after a record year for the German based group who expanded its European operation into North America some 12-months ago.

The North American arm of the group, led by President Steve Savvides, distributes high-end sound and lighting equipment. “We are beyond excited to partner with Adam Hall and know this will have a big impact for our clients,” said EMG Partner Tom Gambuzza. “To have access to theater and stadium grade equipment will only prove to make our events that much more unique.”

For its part, EMG will be providing its talent-loaded roster of musicians and entertainers as brand ambassadors, endorsing Adam Hall brands LD Systems, Gravity, Hofner, EBS, and Cameo Lighting, to name a few.

EMG’s CityScape & The Park Avenue Horns Musical Director, Michael Carleo, explained, “it was such a natural fit for us, as we were already big advocates and users of their products.” Band Leader Michael Saulpaugh expanded, “we always say that we don’t just play a set list, we perform it. This partnership allows us to deliver on that promise ten-fold by adding all the bells and whistles people are accustomed to experiencing at theaters and arenas.”

The two companies will further their efforts next month in Anaheim, CA at the NAMM trade show—the largest global music, sound and event technology show in the world. Some 120,000 attendees are expected. EMG will be featuring DJs and a duo from CityScape to highlight LD Systems audio equipment.

CityScape & The Park Avenue Horns Performing at the Adam Hall Partnership Kickoff Event, December 5, 2018


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