EMG offers three unique Tiers of hybrid entertainment.


EMG offers three unique Tiers of hybrid entertainment.


DJ + a la carte Musicians

The flexibility to build the sound you love by adding any combination of live musicians to an EMG DJ.



Set Unit Hybrid Groups

By having a consistent lineup of players, Tier II hybrids produce more musically intricate entertainment, sure to wow.



Full Band + DJ

Add a DJ to any of EMG’s award-winning bands to create the “kitchen sink” of all hybrids.


The Complete Experience

Number of Pieces

Clear Selection

Guitar, Sax, & Drums + DJ
Drum Set + Sax with DJ
Sax + DJ
Drum Set + DJ
Guitar + DJ
Electric Violin
Electric Violin + Drum Set
Guitar, Electric Violin & Drums + DJ
Guitar & Drums + DJ
Percussionist + Sax with DJ

Four-Piece Hybrid Band


Riverside is a dynamic 4-piece Hybrid that seamlessly blends the best of live and DJ entertainment to offer a distinctive sound that caters to a diverse range of musical tastes. From the rhythmic beats of the drums to the electrifying guitar, and the soulful melodies of the saxophone, Riverside delivers a unique performance that transforms any event into an experience.

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Four-Piece Hybrid Band

Neon Transit

A true Band/DJ Hybrid, Neon Transit brings the best of both worlds to every event by offering a band that has a DJ as a core instrument. By utilizing a DJ with live musicians, Neon Transit provides a one-of-a-kind party, and uses original artists’ tracks with the vocals you love.

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Four-Piece Hybrid Band

The Gramercy

The Gramercy is a set-unit integrated hybrid, using original artists’ tracks supplied by their DJ and rounding out the sound with three live musicians Their unique and versatile sound provides an immersive experience. Whether you’re looking for an evening packed with energy or filled with emotion, count on the group to deliver.

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Dual Electric Strings

The Queens Electric

A unique take on a typically traditional pairing, The Queens Electric features two violinists playing intricately arranged parts with showmanship.

An All Brass Group

The Bowery Brass

This all-brass hybrid, offers a unique take on old classics or radio hits spun by the DJ by delivering awe-inspiring horn arrangements. One thing is for sure: everybody loves horns.

Electric Boulevard

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CityScape + The Park Avenue Horns

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El Ritmo

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