January 22, 2022

The Audio Guest Book: EMG’s Newest Enhancement

Looking for a creative add-on? EMG's newest enhancement, The Audio Guestbook, is a creative take on an old tradition sure to entertain guests.

Audio Guest Book Phone | Elegant Music Group

EMG’s newest enhancement, The Audio Guest Book, is a creative take on an old tradition. This telephone guest book is a fun way to entertain wedding guests and record lasting messages by loved ones that you’ll keep forever.

How It Works

• Pick your desired phone from a variety of styles.

• Pick a place in your reception space to leave the phone (EMG Tip: Leave it at the bar…we assure you the messages will get more interesting as the night unfolds!).

• Guests pick up the phone, speak a message, and hang up

• After your event you’ll have Mp3 files of each message, so you can always hear their voice!


Audio Guest Book

Do instructions come with the telephone guest book to help guests use the phone?

Yes! We provide an accompanying sign to help guests easily use the Audio Guest Book.

Do the phones need to be connected to a landline or wifi?

Nope! We handle the power and the recording.

How do we retrieve the recordings?

Mp3 files are pulled right out of the recorder box the same way files would be pulled off a USB drive!

Do you remove any voicemails?

No. You will receive every voicemail that is left for you at your event.

Is there a limit on the amount of audio we can record?

No! Our Audio Guest Book has the capability to capture and record every guest message left for the bride and groom.

Audio guest book | Elegant Music Group