January 09, 2022

EMG Announces New Headquarters

EMG is getting a new 5500 sq. foot space to call home. A letter from our owners...

As we sit here in early January 2022, we can’t help but look back at the last two years and think to ourselves: well, that was exhausting! There have been many ups and downs (something everyone can relate to), but no matter what’s going on in the world, a new year always feels like a fresh start. Despite some of the hardships we’ve endured as a company over the last 24 months (for more on that, feel free to listen to our 2021 Year in Review Podcast), we’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate some milestone successes. We owe that to our amazing team and wonderful clients. Today, we sit leaps and bounds further ahead and stronger as a company than we were just under two years ago, so it’s fitting that EMG gets its fresh start this year. 

While we’ve been heads down, pens to paper working our butts off, we’ve had something cooking up in the background for quite some time that we are now elated to share with the world. Before we get there, though, here’s what we’ve learned these past two years: with growth comes new opportunities, relationships, and company needs that cause growing pains. We’ve been busting at the seams in terms of the amount of space we have to function in for quite some time. We currently have, by definition, three locations: our office, the main warehouse, and a secondary storage facility that the team has coined “deep storage.” Oh, and add to this an unofficial fourth partnership location where we film many of our performance videos. We’ve outgrown each space and found it inconvenient and at times impossible to function efficiently as a team. Well folks, in 2022, we are so proud to announce that EMG is getting a new 5500 sq. foot home, where we are consolidating our operation and bringing everything under one roof! 

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The EMG Podcast

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  • January 30, 2022 EMG’s New Headquarters 20 minutes

Our new headquarters keeps us anchored in our hometown of Montclair, NJ, but will now house an upgraded warehouse facility, an improved and larger office space, and a state-of-the-art podcast/recording studio. We also intend to redefine what it means to be "an office" by incorporating experiential and sensory art installations where visitors can immerse themselves in an experience. After all, Your Moment Starts Here. But, what we are most excited about is our 1200sq. foot Experience Center (you'll just have to come see it for yourself!). This will house theatre-grade lighting and sound, a giant LED wall, a professional stage, a sound booth, and an elevated 13x30' viewing balcony, where onlookers can take in performances by our talented roster of DJs and musicians. The space will be utilized for band showcases and rehearsals, weekly performances, special client events, team training and meetings, or whenever Saulpaugh feels the need for a sensory overload. 

Our goal is to be is THE premier entertainment company in the world, and our new home gets us one step closer, and we are so excited! It will be a place where clients can experience and immerse themselves in everything EMG and a luxury playground fit for our team of world-class performers to utilize and enjoy. We have so many plans for the space and of course, will take you along for the ride as we document it with a flurry of content released over the coming months. We cannot wait to open our doors and share this with you all. We'll see you in Summer 2022.

- Mike, Tom, & Mike

EMG's new home, during the first pre-construction walkthrough, Fall 2021

Scale renderings of the staging in the Experience Center

The stage will be lit by over 30 arena-grade moving-head lights to illuminate performances.