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How Much Should Top Wedding Bands Cost?

Are you looking to book a live band for your wedding but have no idea how much a reputable one is supposed to cost? If so, you are not alone. Below are some tips to keep in mind when narrowing down how much top wedding bands should cost.


1. Ranges Are Not Realistic

Cost ranges are circumstantial and ultimately unreliable. Truthfully, wedding bands can range from $5,000 – $45,000 depending on the band’s size, the location, the parent company, etc. Instead of asking for price ranges, ask for averages based on your specific needs.


2. Your Wedding Band is an Investment

When it comes to wedding entertainment, you are investing in talent and service first, but also insurance policies, professionalism, reputation, and overall experience in the industry. Professional wedding musicians are going to cost more than musicians who do not regularly play weddings.


3. You Get What You Pay For

In the entertainment business, you do get what you pay for. Top tier talent requires top tier compensation- it’s as simple as that.


4. Company Values Matter

Be wary of companies with the “I’ll throw it in” mentality. It is one thing to throw in an enhancement such as a photo booth because that is a tangible object that does not require compensation. However, if a company offers to throw in free musicians to play during the ceremony or cocktail hour, chances are the musicians are not the best, because talent comes at a cost. If a company is packing you with special deals and add-ons, chances are they are compensating for something else that is lacking.


5. Look At The Big Picture

Keep in mind that a successful wedding band requires a lot more than just talented musicians. Expenses come with equipment, traveling sound technicians, audio engineers, people who will set up and pack up, etc. The price will reflect all of these additional moving parts, which are essential. If the world’s best musician plays through the world’s worst equipment, it’s not going to sound good.


6. Be Realistic

A reputable wedding band in the NJ/NYC area should cost $1,000-$1,500 per person, including the non-musicians who travel with the band. For example, if you book a 7-piece band that comes with a sound technician for a total of 8 people, the minimum you should be prepared to spend is $8,000.


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